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Haiku For You
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Date:2005-12-10 18:48

blurry reflection
reminded me that i am
also a human

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Date:2005-10-01 16:09

Within my alter
A slaughter makes a barely
Audible whisper

An infant mind with
With a weathered guise gets thrown
around by the tide

In Hades without
the ability to die
By drowning myself

But with impending
Disaster heavier at
Every moment

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Date:2005-09-25 14:38

"a haiku for you"
is more haiku than this four
syllable cop out

typed the wrong address, or
is it destiny?

Haiku doodling:
pedestrian poetry
for the populous

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Date:2004-05-16 17:30
Subject:More Haiku Angst

Everyone is gone
Nothing left to visit there
Except memories

Lunch by the graveyard
House bunnies nibbled at books
Hockey with the boys

How many more times
Create, love, and abandon
A new life, new home

Will I fill the world?
Rentals haunted with the past
Towns no longer mine

Then where will I go?
Live in the shadows of life
No empty places left

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Date:2004-03-16 16:36
Subject:Lyrics anyone?

Can you sing a haiku?
Poetry for the lyrics
Choppy abrupt songs

Creative boundary
Yet a melodic hindrance
Feels very “Yoko”

No one listen, ‘kay?
I want to sing, breathe, express
Safe from fear and doubt

There has to be more
More than anxious essays
Towers of paper and guilt

What am I doing?
More important: what I am
Still don’t know, just yet

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Date:2004-02-10 20:33
Mood: bored

Sipping herbal tea
To get a sense of culture
Hot life in a cup

Okay...that one sucked
You try writing a haiku
About fucking tea

...I'm sorry...really
I shouldn't take out anger
On those I don't know

No! Fuck that shit, man!
I pore my soul into this
My life - poetry.

Who am I kidding?
I'm just killing some spare time
With meaningless words.

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Date:2004-02-03 21:50
Subject:Graduation Approaches
Mood: contemplative

Sometimes I wonder
why I'm excited for spring.
What awaits me there?

To walk across stage
to hold a peice of paper,
Pride of my parents.

A sheet which stands for
all things and nothing at once.
That makes me worthy?

And with that paper
comes uncertainty and stress,
no neat scheduled life.

Spring, should I obsess
over what I will gain then?
Or what I shall lose?

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Date:2004-02-03 21:12
Subject:Joey is the king
Mood: impressed

Which one is a Haiku?
Does it go 5-7-5?
I get them confused.

I learned about them
I think in High School English
A long time ago

We had to write them
I always thought they were dull
Remember Wayne's World?

"It's like you're looking
down at Wayne's basement, only
that's not Wayne's basement."

I love that movie.
I like the second better.
Which is kind of rare.

Christopher Walken
The weird naked indian
and Jim Morrison

Plus the part where they
have to sing YMCA
That part is funny

Know what else is good
that's a sequel: Airplane 2.
Excellent movie.

"Ouver served over
Unger, even though Unger
was under Dunn?" "Yes."

Or from the first one.
"Surely you must be joking!"
"Don't call me Shirley."

It was close to that.
It wasn't a direct quote.
Real quote didn't fit.

Okay, I'm outtie.
Time to cook me some dinner.
Peace out Amigo.

Joey's blog can be found here

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Date:2004-02-03 15:51
Subject:My first contribution :)
Mood: cheerful

A Student Teacher's Joy

Why don't I mind a
ringing phone at five a.m.?
"Snow day, go to sleep."

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Date:2004-02-03 01:21
Subject:Sandwhich Artist Haiku
Mood: tired

Five more hours to go
I serve some giggly stoners.
Shit, that must be fun.

Unforgiving pot,
Not so much in drug content.
For me, the muchies.

Dream of getting high
In the back room of Subway,
Get stuffed on cookies.

Try to count the bread,
Laugh my ass off at the dough.
This is too much fun.

Hear the front door ring.
Stumbling out to customers,
Laugh at their order.

'Sir, your eyes seem red,'
They say; I get slightly nervous.
Is this man a cop?

'I just cut onions,'
I say with a slight giggle.
Shit! They're on to me...

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Date:2004-02-02 22:44
Subject:To Winter; A 'Screw You' Haiku
Mood: dorky

Do I write haiku?
I can't remember my last.
It must be winter.

The cold steals my thoughts.
I try to create, but alas,
nothing good has come.

I want some coco,
but we have no milk steamer.
It's just not the same.

I'll have to make do
with hot baths, citrus, and
High Fidelity.

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Date:2003-08-19 02:23
Subject:Chick, chick, chick-chicka...
Mood: contemplative

No grandparent's love,
White sheep, my brother and I.
They never missed us.

In life or in death
burdens on a Christmas list
for those left behind.

Regrets? None my fault.
Superficial holidays,
Not like the paintings.

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Date:2003-08-18 02:22
Subject:"Pleasure and action make the hours seem short."
Mood: horny

Judge me not in this.
Villains speak the striking lines,
Branagh has presence.

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Date:2003-08-01 23:41
Subject:Scuba class drama

Thirty feet below
Grab for the respirator
Taking a wet breath

Something is quite wrong
Clear the mouthpiece, try again
Still no oxygen

The panic starts now
Fears stayed all through the training
Unleashed all at once

Dive con intervenes
Replaces snorkel with air
Relief and “OK”

Shake for rest of day
Ditziness can be lethal
Can’t trust myself now

I’d rather not be
The cause of my own demise
Prefer the land now

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Date:2003-08-01 23:39
Subject:random topic thought

Inflammable and
Flammable really shouldn't
Have the same meaning

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Date:2003-07-27 16:33
Subject:Are you ready to Haiku!!
Mood: artistic

Sorry that I didn't get a topic up on Monday. It's been a full week and I haven't really even updated my own journal.

Anyhoo, this week's topic is "Stupid and potentially life threatening adventures." I think we'll get some good ones. ;)

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Date:2003-07-22 01:49
Subject:semi-failed intro haiku

Struggling for the words
to illustrate myself now
thesaurus is lost

Watching movie to escape
forget about life’s disappointments
dwell in the possibility

Write a script to say
all that I’ve never expressed
that dream could come true

Could fall through the cracks
between laundry, doubt, packing
overwhelmed and lost

Never knew I was
quite so melodramatic
before this haiku

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Date:2003-07-19 01:50
Subject:My intro haiku
Mood: sleepy

Random trivia
and massive amounts of loud,
spontaneous fun.

Book worm tendencies
outweighed by a new found love
of being myself.

Invisible steel
runs through my soul, tempered by
childlike wonder.

As hard as Jell-O
and soft as an ancient grudge
some days, just a hug.

Hmmm...could my prose be any purpler? :-p The topics will make things easier.

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Date:2003-07-18 01:08
Subject:Welcome to the community
Mood: creative

New community.
We all like writing haiku.
Join us and have fun

A new theme each week
guides our poetic journey.
I choose, we all write.

Post one or many,
we enjoy reading all work.
I have no pants on.

So yeehaw! We got our community started. The theme for this weekend is "Getting to know you." Write some haiku about yourself so we can get to know each other. I'll have a new theme on Monday. Feel free to invite all of your friends. :)

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