There Are Some Who Call Me...Tim (deathbypoetics) wrote in haikuforyou,
There Are Some Who Call Me...Tim

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Sandwhich Artist Haiku

Five more hours to go
I serve some giggly stoners.
Shit, that must be fun.

Unforgiving pot,
Not so much in drug content.
For me, the muchies.

Dream of getting high
In the back room of Subway,
Get stuffed on cookies.

Try to count the bread,
Laugh my ass off at the dough.
This is too much fun.

Hear the front door ring.
Stumbling out to customers,
Laugh at their order.

'Sir, your eyes seem red,'
They say; I get slightly nervous.
Is this man a cop?

'I just cut onions,'
I say with a slight giggle.
Shit! They're on to me...
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